Earth Day at Lake Eola !

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We were at Lake Eola for the Earth Day Celebration. After walking for a few minutes, to check around the stands, I thought I had traveled in time and was back in the  Hippie era .The music, the smell in the air of different things, the beautiful bucolic park and the swans, the people dressed so careless, it felt light, different, but  no, I was here, it is 2011, and times have changed, but the difference is, the hippies asked for Peace & Love,and today asking for that is a waste of time, half of the world is fighting some stupid war. Now we need to learn that Nature is really calling and if we don’t turn green, we will turn dead, as simple as that.

Earth Day is a movement, not hippie, a way of life to renew, from within, to start with you, and change the world around you. The way you eat, vitamins, vegan no vegan,Organic, alternative, clean with a conscious product, watch the environment! recycle, , buy hybrid cars, respect your body, and cherish Nature because you are a part of it.Earth day, had to be created many years ago, to create a bigger effective conscious reality, and maybe life today wouldn’t be so risky, so dangerous.Earth Day should be every day, so we don’t forget, that we are on Earth,  Nature is suffering, and  it needs to be revived.I had a good experience, I hope you will see what I saw.

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