2011 U.S. SBA Small Business Person of the Year Luncheon at Citrus Club Downtown Orlando.

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The  Small Business of the Year Award is not only a prize for the Company’s  President, but also a remarkable note of a Company’s work. Fernando C. Pereira  has no doubt the power and the strength to sail a Company through success, but he does it because his employees have the admiration, and the level of trust required to accomplish this task. In a very emotional speech of acceptance he described all the years since 9/11.

when things got really bad, and not even then, he wanted to stop. It takes a dream and a great vision, a strong will, and the heart of a man who believe in his dream and has the hand of a strong woman by his side to hold. As the award ceremony progressed, I look at kim, and I see the same serenity as always, and also the same shine in his eyes. This is just the beginning of many surprises that are to come, on a dream that has just started to evolve. Fernando and Claudia have worked hard, since 1994, with struggles, sacrifice and victories, that led to this moment and many more are still to come.

America is no doubt the Land of  dreams, that holds you strong ant takes you to places never visited before. America also helps and guides, and in this case,  the guidance was found through SBDC (Small Business Development Center) at UCF, and also through the Small Business Resource network, with Business Consulting and developing all the skills necessary to succeed. We are in a constant learning process, and it is important to get all the help you can get, and the result of all this constant work and learning process is here, a solid example. I am honored, we all are, not only because he is Brazilian but because he is the first Brazilian I know that literally conquered the American Dream, because of him I know it exists and it is real and possible.

Here are the pictures, enjoy the moment.

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