First Baptist Orlando-Trazendo a Arca 2011 By Laiz Rodrigues.

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Written By Laiz Rodrigues.

Photos By Ademar Rodrigues.

All photos copyrights belong to HotspotOrlando

I was a witness for one of the biggest manifestations of Faith and love through divine music. There were probably 2500 people in the audience, and what a crowd!. They cheered, sing and praised, with the Group Trazendo a Arca.

For the duration of the recording the show never had a low moment, it was from the heart, and a blessed event. Emotions were running high and for a few moments it really came to tears of emotion to see such powerful music.

The strong hand in the Brazilian Ministry for the First Baptist Church Orlando, Pastor Silas A. Pinto, gave a  brief introduction, prayed, a few other Pastors were also present, and the show started. All I can say is, my heart, felt the presence of

something bigger, that lifted your heart, and caressed your soul. I felt the presence of God, and I am happy to be a part of it. Here are the images.

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