Dominican Republic Cultural Week in Orlando .

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Today was the opening for this great art and Culture event at the Orlando Library. This exposition was created by The Casa Dominicana de Cultura, and was sponsored by the Orlando Library, Ana G.Mendez University System,Dominican Republic Culture Ministry, El Sol de La Florida, Codap, and Bo Mana. The City Commissioner Tony Ortiz was present at the opening giving his support.

Some of the artist that are participating, such as Jovanny Cruz and Antonini Diachi. Unfortunately  many of the artists showing their work were not able to come and present their work, because they couldn’t get a Visa to come to the US, among the artists is a folkloric dance group that would make presentations during the event. The work presented in the exposition is of high quality, giving us a global idea in how rich the Dominican Art is.

As one of most celebrated Dominican personalities was Dr.  Malvina Helen de Castillo S. that has for all her life dedicated her work for her people along with her husband Dr. Manuel A. Mejia, also acting Directors for the Dominican House for the Culture. Among the other oficials, Victor Toribio, Founder of the Dominican House of Culture-ACE Art, Culture and Education, and Maria Toribio Espinal, Vice-President.

The artists featured on this exposition are: Teodulo Silfa Casso, Julio C. Sanchez “Julsan”,MAria Luiza Ortiz Gusman, Denny Angelez, Norberto Uribe Felix Suriel, Xiomara Aleksic,Antonini Diachi,Jovanny Cruz and poetess/actress Ana Hilda Garcia. The event will be at the Orlando Library until August 28th.

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