An unforgettable evening with Yatin Patel

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When we created HotspotOrlando we wanted to create a bridge between Brazilians and America, because it is not fair that these communities have grown so much apart alienating each other, sometimes for language barriers, sometimes for simple lack of interest or information. Being Brazilian myself but hungry to see and learn everything, I can share our findings here, and from here to anyone on the web that is eager enough to celebrate all great things in life. We love photography, but as our lenses travel Orlando, I can tell you many great surprises are just too good and deserve to be spread.

Remember I am not an art expert, or critic, but what is great deserves their moment of glory and a special space in our lives. The art of Yatin Patel is amazing. For me not only because of the different texture, special techniques and paper, but because it touches your heart deeply. The vision of India from the artist, the dignified looks in the eye of  the people he photographed, that will be in our minds forever. The beauty in the  classic black and white, that we forgot to appreciate, and it is brought back in a whole different perspective. A true work of art, fresh and never visited before.I briefly met him, and I couldn’t tell him how honored I was to be able to see his beautiful work, and how great I thought it is. So here it is from the vision of Yatin Patel to my lenses and to you. Here is one of life’s gifts worth sharing.

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