BrazilUSA Magazine second Anniversary.

Two years publishing the first Brazilian Magazine in Orlando, is not a task everyone can accomplish, but BrazilUSA Magazine has served the Community well and is on everybody’s heart as the most loved magazine in the area.

It all started with TC Brazil a newspaper that covered the Treasure Coast but also had a lot of space in Orlando. TC Brazil was the first paper all in color, and it was carefully produced, like every product they have. But the paper already had a name, and it wasn’t as special as a magazine, in full color and better paper, with lots of possibilities, but it was a challenge, a much bigger challenge  than anyone ever thought, and when the first magazine came out, it was like a precious gift. BrazilUSA Magazine is more than a magazine, is promise and proof that no matter how big the challenge is, nobody should never give up on their dreams. So to every Brazilian in America, that thinks they are aiming too high, have no doubt, the sky is the limit when you have the right people by your side.

The celebration today was not just about the time, but also the effort, sacrifices, and struggles, the many fights and disagreements that led to this moment. You can choose to walk alone, fighting alone, but if you have God in your heart, you are in good company, and he will give you always whatever tool  and whomever you need to help you succeed . To BrazilUSA Magazine we wish the best, and a lot more success to come, you earned it ! Congratulations!

The event today was at Camila’s Restaurant, that presented us with the usual great service and food. The cake was made by Maysa, absolutely delicious !  Now, check the pictures! click on the first picture and you can just click the arrow after tthat


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