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In the today’s fast paced corporate world, a woman’s fashion sense can be the first thing to get lost in the shuffle of emails, appointments,  paperwork  and responsibilities.  We invite you to find your inner beauty in  “Finding the Fashionista in the Corporate U” Fashion Show event being held at the Citrus Club on Wednesday, April 25th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.   Event activities include a cocktail reception, fashion show, and live entertainment.   Our aim is to allow women of all shapes, ages, races, backgrounds, and status to find a personal sense of cosmetics, scents, and fashion to suit them best.

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This will be a charitable event benefiting Femmes de Coeur (Women of the Heart) which is a local non-profit volunteer organization focused on assisting women in the Central Florida area.  All proceeds will be donated to this cause and utilized for a the benefit a local Central Florida Non-Profit Organization.  This organization will be handpicked by Femmes de Coeur to help further their local cause.

This Event will be in three phases:
Phase  One: Cocktail Reception – Light Hors d’oeuvres and libations. In this phase we will have three stations where our guest can accessorize with perfume, cosmetics and take corporate photos.
Phase  Two: Fashion Show – 10 Corporate Women from different backgrounds will walk the runway with three different looks that are accessorized by Dillard’s Department Store.  The MC will give a brief biography on each model and explain how said Dillard’s shaped the new look with accessories and panache.  This innovative presentation is produced by Fashion Producer Paula Matos from Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Phase  Three: Entertainment and Sponsor Recognition- In this phase we will have live entertainment; group photos; we will give a special recognition to our Sponsors and the finale farewell with gift bags for all attendees.
This event is produced by Rachel Alvarez of the Alvarez Law Firm. As she has discovered in her practice among her colleagues, clients, and network, most Corporate Women may be caught in some misconceptions regarding fashion.  In the Corporate World we believe that being fashionable is costly and time consuming.   However, this event is to empower Corporate Women to find their inner Fashionista.

For further information or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Joey Menendez at

Phone (407) 970-2954 or

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