Orlando City Soccer- The energy is in the air!

Calling all the Soccer fans! Season is open and it is time to roar ! For the avid soccer fan, I can assure you there is nothing better !

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Even being from Brazil, where soccer, religion and Samba are disputing the same place, the energy moved me ! The experience of being at the Citrus Ball watching a soccer game on a Sunday brought back old memories.

Orlando City Soccer is Young and has a great path ahead of them, but they can move a great pack of fans that goes absolutely insane over them! There is nothing like it! They go insane! and makes you want to be a part of it.

Today they played the Wilmington Hammer Heads, and boy they played a great game, Orlando City Soccer won 4X1 on a great game. No drama, no stars just players, talent and  the great fans cheering non stop.

Many highlights, lots of  kids involved, entire families go and watch, it was really a great afternoon. To all the soccer fans out there, do not waste another Sunday! let’s go to the game ! It is GREAT! Now check the pictures!

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