Orlando City Soccer versus LA Blues @ Citrus Bowl

A very disputed game, every step of the way. tough but good, and as usual the fans and the kids that love their team the Orlando City Soccer are always the best in show.

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As long as they have each other everything will be great, fans and idols as a whole, one does not exist without each other. The cheer, the happiness and the thrill each part of this puzzle that no one can ever explain, and it works perfectly. The Orlando City Soccer is still a kid, young, full of life ahead, and it is learning that hard work pays, and will.

In Portuguese we call it “raça” the will that nobody can take away, the fight for the winning score, and the thirst to get where they want to be.A  great team, victorious and strong, that learns that every opponent is a lesson and every victory is a gift. Today in the beginning of  Memorial weekend, All cadets for the US Army, US Air Force and US Marines were sworn in  presents were Congressman  Daniel Webster,  Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Nathan Dunn District Director, and Cindy Brown  Field representative to Congressman Daniel Webster. and  Check the Pictures!

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