Boca Beach Club- Floribbean Welcome Reception-51st Grand Boule

Twenty-five “heavy duty”  buses were responsible to carry 1,600 guests from their hotels and residences for the Boca Beach Club at A1A in Boca Raton, where the  event was held on Saturday, 16/06/2012. The “51st Grand Boule – Floribbean Welcome Reception”, and the vast majority of guests of Caribbean origin.

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The event lasted  five hours . Upon arrival at the hotel, guests formed in line to be photographed next to carnival highlights. Three luxury pieces that are part of the collection of musician Paul Gualano. Check out photos below!
After visiting the live exhibition, they went to the pool, where they could enjoy a dinner with a variety of, seafood, pasta, beef and pork, and beverages As for dessert, no comments … there was everything!

Besides the bands and Caribbean soul that inspired the event, as usual, before the close, the percussion team of  Unidos da Florida was present, putting a LOT of people to “learn” the samba.
* To the Wonderful Katia,  our recognition of the stupendous work, effort and dedication during the assembly of the highlights, leaving everything perfect, and ready on time!

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