Artist Lineu Zadereski

Lineu Zadereski plastic artist, sculptor and graphic designer, recognized as one of the youngest representatives of Brazilian culture and art in the United States. In search of new opportunities and experiences, Zadereski who left the city of Curitiba in order to study English in the U.S., saw this opportunity as a chance to go further when he decided to enroll at college. The art and visual communication transported him amid the many options of study to best direct  his career and his realization of life.

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In 2004 graduated from the Middlesex Community College on “Liberal Arts” with the diploma of “associate degree” as a graphic designer, Lineu’s career took a new direction. The beginning of his professional career as well as his experiences in the market were not always recognized, it was necessary to seek a professional art field, requiring of him  a greater  professional investment over the years. After many sketches and art techniques such as woodcuts, tilogravura, serigraphy and oil painting, Lineu began to use the acrylic in his paintings, which best represents its current phase.

The graphical art and computer art influenced his work becoming also – the figurative marks with symmetric and balanced lines, an art highlighted by Cubism and Abstract composed of bright colors.

In 2011 Lineu was invited to be the artistic engine at the  festival “Lowell Riverfest” (Festival do Rio) that happens every year in the city of Lowell, and on occasion they sported the theme; Cultural Flow, attributed to the rich diverse people represented in the festival. Besides creating the  symbol for the event, a fish with the characteristics of his artistic style, he also produced all the graphic context in publicizing the event. Finally Lineu made his debut as a sculptor to reproduce a   3-dimensional  fish sculpture. Lineu included the participation of over 500 students from public schools of the region, which  represented the fish in 24 panels, each one honoring a  different country.

“The honor of representing the diverse ethnic and cultural mix in this Festival through his work, was gratifying and inspiring, said Zadereski commenting on the experience.

Between this and other events Lineu received public recognition and prominence as a promising young Brazilian talent.
At the end of 2011 honored with the prize Talent Brazil in Boston awarded their contribution to the Brazilian community in the United States, Zadereski also received their appointments to the Press Award 2012 in the visual arts category.

Lineu who already worked as a  floor cleaner, cook, dishwasher,receiving manager , waiter, and others, today besides plastic artist and ‘graphic designer and’ instructor of art and design,he teaches  teenagers aged 15 to 22, in a non-governmental organization, the UTEC (United Teen Equality Center.) organization  is dedicated to social and economic improvement of youth and teens,  seeking for the help necessary for a new beginning

By portraying these and other stories, generating alliances to customize the inspiration with the challenges and accomplishments, we honor an art  that authenticates a scope of reality in which we identify.
Values ​​portrayed in colorful frames and the lives of those who participated directly and indirectly in this allegory.
It is the continuity of growth and improvement that emerged from daily experiences and constants, which over the years have shown discipline and dedication in their maturation.

Lineu’s  window of opportunity and inspiration was opened even earlier with the influences of Brazilian artists like Candido  Portinary and Tarsila do Amaral who inspired and summed up to the first classes of lithography in the  cultural center of Curitiba called; Solar do Barao when he was still 10 years of age.

Among the characteristics that identify and traces his paintings, we see geometric shapes, and  smiling, optimistic figures. Hands and feet singularly compose the complex bodies with the aid of intuitive dimensional artistic elements that are craved in the inspiration. Another striking characteristic of his work are the eyes, always with one eye open and one closed.  Lineu also finishes his work with a representation of  a “belt” where his signature saddle closes his work .

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  1. Silas A. Pinto says:

    Linda reportagem Laiz,

    Eu gostaria de ter contacto com este artista. Como posso fazer isso? te vejo hoje a noite. forte abraco silas

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