The Friendly Bean Club- Clube do Feijão Amigo


We are pleased to present the FRIENDLY BEAN CLUB !
The celebration of fellowship in the tourist trade by  the Brazilian Federation of Tourism.

The FENACTUR as it is known, is the National Federation of Brazilian tourism, which aggregates several unions in  Brazilian tourism companies. Together they are responsible to meet  the  needs of 15 000 travel agencies and more than 100 thousand members.

Every year they organize a great event  to  celebrate  Brazilian tourism. This year the event  will take place for the first time in the city of Orlando, FL on September 4th, at the  Rammada Gateway in Kissimmee. This dinner will also have   the presence of  key leaders in the  tourism industry of Orlando.

The Friendly Bean Club  has a  great repercussion in Brazil given its importance to national tourism industry. These celebrations are done in different states in Brazil ,and  in different  countries around the world  as well, where local government figures are honored for their outstanding work in the area.

The club, in the occasion of their Orlando event will also honor several personalities of  the  local and Brazilian Tourism Industry and local personalities such as Mayor Teresa Jacobs of Orange County.

Please RSVP to the event ! Click here

Link for the virtual invitation Click here


Michel Tuma Ness – President and FENACTUR  Friendly Bean Club Friend
Marcelo Mattos – Director of International FENACTUR,  President of Friendly Bean Club, FL
Andres Cibotti – Vice President of Marketing – Friendly Bean Club, FL
Silas Pinto – Vice President, Friendly Bean Club, FloridaTel 407-491-0366

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