New Hope Assistance Center first Anniversary

For everything there is a time, a year ago the New Hope Assistance Center started, I remember we had a Ladies’s tea to celebrate, but in another circles other people also started their journey, like the Brazilian Consul in Florida, Helio Vitor Ramos Filho, that was just arriving in Miami.

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Somehow like New Hope, he also has an eye for  Community service, and today we see that they completed each other. His work allowed the Center to grow, like a wave, his seeds of non stop dedication to the Brazilians in Florida, not only  Orlando gave us great fruits. The Miami Consulate is renewed and faster, new departments,  more outreach, and faster expedition of documents. It is faster to get a Brazilian Passport here than in Brazil.

In another hand, the center was created to give back dignity and help the many that suffer for so many reasons. The Portuguese language that almost fell  forgotten in the back seat today is revived, learned, spoken and has been a preoccupation that generated many programs that allow kids to learn their origin, and be proud of it. The Brazilian Support Day allows many people to get the bureaucratic help they need, gathering documentation, and providing a service often needed by many. Whatever your need is, the Consulate can help you as a Brazilian Citizen, or providing Visas to American Citizens, and the New Hope Center can help restore something precious many lost along the way. So here we are one year, many more to come and still a lot of work to be done, not only for the New Hope Assistance Center but also for the Consul Helio Vitor.

As the First visit for the Consul to Orlando, he had a press conference hosted at the Florida Christian University, for the entire  press in Orlando, where he spoke of daily duties and the many experiences he had in Miami, and also plans for the future, the great support he is giving to Central Florida . On Friday Consul Helio Vitor had breakfast with CFBACC Board of Directors, and again many aspects  were discussed about the possibility of bringing a Brazilian Consulate to Orlando, which may not be a wise decision. Present at this breakfast besides the Board was Candidate to a State Representative Chair, Ronney Roger Oliveira, and Paulo Dias Executive Manager at Carieras Restaurant. Consul Helio Victor Ramos Filho, was also invited to be the Honorary President of the CFBACC, which he accepted.The meeting was at Rosana Almeida’s  new office for Florida Connexion Properties LLC.

To celebrate New Hope Assistance Center First Year Anniversary, a Panel was created for the Community at Best Western Universal Boulevard, where, Pastor Wesley, Sandra Freier, Amy Litter President of CFBACC, gave theopening speech, and the speakers were, Marcele Marcia of  MMLyra  Brazilian Law Offices, Silzer Law Group,Monica Franchi from New York Life, Erika Teixeira, Pastor Silair Almeida, Professora Ruth Fonger and Bank of Brazil. To finish the celebration a Cocktail and Dinner was offered to celebrate. Creators, directors, volunteers and all involved in the New Hope Assistance Center were present. prizes were given, great food catered by Denize Catering, that also provides food for the Cirque du Soleil performers, running a restaurant inside the attraction to satisfy every dietary need the performers have.

From the Orlando Community besides the press, Consul Helio Vitor, his assistant Fernando, Luis Martinez-Alicea, representative of  Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, CFBACC Board of Directors,  Real State authority Luiz Piquet, from Miami, and also part of the Isleworth- Tavistock Group in Windermere, AIP Insurance group, represented by Ana Regina Mirrha and her partners, many  Church leadership members in Orlando, and business owners. The children Chorus performed both Anthems, American and Brazilian and the night was great! Really great! We thank all for their support and participation.


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  1. Fran says:

    Hi Laiz, Hotspot Orlando is just getting better and better, congratulations for your excellent work! The Pics are great!!! Well done.

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