President Obama – 4 more Years !

For years ago we had one voice, YES we Can, and we did. For years later we hear 4 more years and we see in people’s eyes the same enthusiasm we  saw in 2008

President  Barack Hussein Obama has just accepted his nomination by the Democratic Party and thinking about it I would like to add a few requests to the people, to members of Congress and to the opposing Party, and that is RESPECT. More respect to the man who is our President, and deserves it, more regards to the job he has been trying to do and everyone is so preoccupied in attack him, that they forget the Nation, the people who depend on their decisions to move the country forward. What we have seen   in these for years above all was a sad realization that even knowing that the people of this country has elected an African American President, the leaders never agreed with the people’s decision and took every step to make it harder for the Administration to succeed. But we still thing that he can deliver much more than he already did. And 4 more years is just right.

I ask myself the same question everyday,  what would be if Republicans were still in Government? I can almost assure you that by now we would be homeless. Regardless of what anyone says, we all had our shares of  seeing the rich being protect by tax cuts, Democrats being accused of  leting people depend on well fare for too long, and the constant lack of argument always showing how poor people‘s judgement can be, when all you have left is racism,  and a non funded argument. President Obama is a honorable man, that stands for what he believes, and fights for the middle class, and he has done everything possible to get the US out of the situation we were left 4 years ago.  The  Obama administration is operating on a system based in trust, a trust that is not always given in return, a loyalty that is always put into question.

We would have a different situation today if private interests, were not placed before the Nation’s needs. we need a better health program, we need the elderly to rest knowing they can count on Medicare, we need Middle class to have more economical freedom, we need to know our children will have a job if they finish college, and they will not owe so much on student loans, we need women to be able to choose, regardless, we need people to be free to love and choose their spouses, regardless. We need a man who will above all respect these rights and show us that no matter what he is there for us, and not for lobbyists or high power interests. Government is about choices and these choices must be made carefully, respecting our freedom, our individuality preserving our constitutional rights.

President Obama is  a man of honor and that is not up for debate it is just the truth, a family man and a man of principles, he deserves 4 more years.

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