CFBACC @ Cariera’s by Castelli Cuccina Italiana

Countdown to the end of the year we just had our 10th Business After Hours of the year. Now with two more months to go with the 2012 Board we can say it has been a very interesting Journey.

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The Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce has been through a face-lift with honors in restructuring and creating new ways to a better approach an efficiency to help with a long desired transparency for the year 2012. The series of challenges started with a new Bylaw and also new measures taken by President Amy Litter, that has worked relentless to achieve all her goals  for the current year. Before the Chamber facilitate business and promote networking, it also has the obligation to make sure all members assets are protected and guarded with care. The Chamber belongs to the Members and the Board of Directors exist to make sure those rights are protected. The Brazilian Community in Orlando has seen a Chamber more active and more aggressive than before, looking to also consolidate more memberships, bringing old members back to business, and new partners like Fortune 500 Companies, such as Brighthouse Network, New York Life, OUC, and Disney. Not only the Chamber has reached these objectives but is also looking into a 2013 filled with hard work, and more consolidation of it’s growth and  progress. Brazil has grown economically and that results in more responsibilities to all Brazilian Chambers that need to keep up with a constant demand of business from both sides. The Chamber is  here to help, and it intends to continue their job of solidification and progress. This month the business after hours was at Cariera’s by Castelli Cuccina Italiana, located at 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd suite 12, Orlando Fl 32819, phone # 407-351-1187. Cariera’s was recently bought by Brazilian  entrepreneurs and it is under Paulo Dias Management. The crew performed great, offering an outstanding job, the food was also excellent. Cariera’s was elected Best Pizza 2011 and 2012 by Orlando Magazine.

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