The Breitling Dragon Tour 2012

The Breitling Jet Team, Breitling Wingwalkers and Jetman are flying East for the
winter, to bring Breitling‘s passions for aviation to new audiences in what is being
collectively called ‘The Breitling Dragon Tour”.

All three teams are heading to Asia to participate in Airshow China 2012, held in
Zhuhai, Guangdong province.

Although the 1940’s Stearmans of the wingwalking team and Yves Rossy‘s Jetwings can
all be shipped there in containers, the Breitling Jet Team will have to get there with
their own wings. Leaving today from Dijon they will fly through Eastern Europe, into
Russia passing through Siberia, then on to Mongolia and down through China to reach their
destination by mid October.

Breitling Aviation Director, Nigel Lamb flew the first civilian aerobatic team in
China in 1996.

“There is such an incredible fascination and enthusiasm for aviation in China, the
team is well remembered even to this day. I’m looking forward to going back with all three
teams and three entirely different spectacles from Europe. Hopefully, this is just the
start of the adventure. We’re looking into keeping the Breitling Jet Team in Asia for 2013
and organizing a series of tours in the region”.

Jacques Bothelin continues:

“While we are here we want to make the most of our opportunities, we will miss the
European 2013 season, but it will be exciting to explore new countries and display to new
crowds. We’ll be back in Europe early 2014 with some great experiences to relay.”


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