Zip-n-Climb JW Marriott -Orlando

In the Land of Fantasy a new Adventure that will give you more than the eye can see.
The new attraction is at JW Marriott in Orlando and as the name says Zip”n”Climg commands an action, but it is a lot more. It is a great adventure that envolves the entire family, not only because you can have fun together but also learn how important it is to support and cheer each other, and in the case of children to praise their achievements

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The first impression is the impact of the structure, for the beginners it may seem a lot, but it is just amazing. We followed a guest Family of 4 that promptly followed all the instructor’s rules and safety equipment guidelines. Everything is easy to use, safe as can be, no danger, and a lot of fun.
The feeling of outdoors adventure, and the smell of fresh wood, provided a great atmosphere, but the biggest surprise is how each one can overcome their fears and from there progress having fun, feeling good about yourself and more confident than ever before.
Kids are mostly fearless, what makes it a little dangerous. But when you face fear at 10 ft high altitude everything changes.
At Zip”n”Climb they learn to strive and follow, step by step all necessary conditions to get to your goal. Everything in life is about changing the odds, facing your fears, and learn how important it is to overcome those obstacles, and no matter how scared you are, you are given the tools to be strong and get the job done.
Learn to overcome fear is a hard task, and when I saw the kids finishing it on their own just with guidance and supervision , you see a different child at the finish line.
At Zip”n”Climb you start at the bottom, climbing the wall, if you can’t they offer you an alternative route, then you have a series of small wood bridges, a rope wall, a wood post challenge and 2 zip lines. The fun and sense of achievement to all that take the challenge is really significant and for children a great way to learn an important lesson.
CLIMB Adventures
4040 Central Florida Parkway Orlando Fl-32837
Ages 6 and up, Individual & Family fun
Different packages and prices.

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