Monster Jam Trucks-Advance Auto Parts


We had the opportunity to witness the biggest Hot Rod competition this weekend.
The Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium hosted the Monster Jam Trucks-Advance Auto Parts, and in a whole day of Tailgate Parties, PIT Parties, and races, 60.000 people watched an amazing show, filled with all the adrenaline you can ask for.

Monster jam shows are held throughout the whole year with more shows during the winter than the summer, and travel around the country in The U.S. and Canada. Now with the international tour expansion, new fans of all ages are enjoying the shows in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe
and soon Asia.
Monster jam fans are loyal and dedicated because they enjoy access to the performers and their amazing machines. Every fan attending a Monster Jam event is given the opportunity to meet the stars of the show during the unique “Pit Party” and autograph sessions.
The drivers of Monster Jam will stay at the “Pit Parties” until the last autograph is signed.

At Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Competitions, monster trucks face off in two different types of performance.Racing and Freestyle.
In the smaller shows they have a wheelie competition and / or a donut contest or DSC_0003
sometimes even both. The goal in the wheelie competition is to hit a ramp and get big air while remaining perpendicular to the ground.

In the donut competition a driver tries to spin his truck until he/she gets dizzy, and the truck can’t go any more, or they think they have a good enough score to win. Side-by-side racing is traditional heads-up tournament racing, where the first truck to cross the finish line moves onto the next round until it is eliminated or wins the racing trophy by winning the Championship race.
The freestyle competition allows drivers 90 seconds plus a 30 second bonus period on an open floor to show off their skills as they drive the huge trucks over cars. Doing stunts and tricks will make these massive high-horsepower vehicles appear to dance gracefully across the track.

The freestyle winner is determined by 3 judges each giving a score out of 10. There are two winners from both events, however if the same person that won racing that night also won freestyle that night, then they get the biggest trophy, and will go next to the world finals trophy, the Double Down trophy, named after the Double Down activities in Las Vegas at the Monster Jam World Finals.
The tour begins in the late winter each year and ends in March with the World finals in Las Vegas every year. The tour visits almost all major cites in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

On Saturday January 26th at the Citrus Bowl, drivers and trucks were: The Grave Digger– Chad Tingler-Dennis Anderson, Spider Man Bari Musawwir, MAX-D Yom Meents, Son uvs Digger- Ryan Anderson, El Toro Loco– (Black) Marc Mc Donald, Adavance Auto parts The Grinder- Lupe Soza, MADUSA driven by Madusa, Monster Mutt Rottweiler-Driven by Rod Schmidt, Iron Man- Morgan Kane, Stone Crusher-Steve Sims, Hooked-Bryan Wright, Raizin’Kane- Jr Mc Neil, Ice Cream Man, TJ Trip, Gun Slinger- Scott Hartsock, War Wizard- Randy Moore, Bad Habit- Joe Silvester.

The winners were :

Fast Qualifier Son uv a Digger-20.062 pts

UTI Championship Roundrace

Son uv a Digger defeated El Toro Loco

Free Style Winners:

Son uv a Digger 28 pts

Grave Digger 26 pts

Stone Crush 23 pts

It was an amazing opportunity, and I confess our first time seeing this competition, and I ask myself where have I been? Was I under a stone? Believe, we went crazy and we want to get crazier you all should do the same. The place to be and get all the emotion you can get. I can promise you that ! Now check the pictures!

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