CFBACC @ Santos Restaurant- March Business After Hours

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The recipe for a good networking event ! Do you have one? Neither do I But they sure are a lot of fun! And I can’t get enough of it! Networking with CFBACC is a combination of, great food, conversation, fun and that extra connection that you never expected to make. Every single company that was present met someone new, or learned something new, and that is exactly what we want for all our members. If you never came to one of our events, please come, just think like this, you have nothing to loose, but you are sure missing a lot of fun and connections ! Last night we gathered, talked, met new people, saw old friends, and  learned a lot, and the most important part of it when you look back, you realize how important it is to interact, shoot the breeze and relax. So do yourself a favor and next time we invite you! Remember, we are here to make sure you have a good time and get connected. Have a great week! The event was at Santos Restaurant 7000 South Kirkman Rd, Orlando Fl 32819, Great food, great service, beautiful place. We thank them for hosting the event ! See you next time
Laiz Rodrigues
Event Committee/CFBACC

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