Barbara Bermudo LAUNCHED AS CORPORATE …   With its new product line for girls and women, as well as an innovative educational product she created, called Schooli-Pad!

45The beloved and highly respected journalist and TV presenter Barbara Bermudo begins a new stage in his career and personal life, and he follows in the footsteps of their parents, who for four decades were successful entrepreneurs, market leading child of Puerto Rico.
Under the name of CAMI, joining the names of his daughters Camila and Mia, the renowned presenter pays a debt to the beings who gave him life, giving continuity to a legacy of work and sacrifice, with a product line of clothing, shoes and accessories for girls and women.
“It has been a dream for several years, it becomes a reality, the desire to be part of creating something that bears the names of my two treasures and, above all, to share my taste to dress my small, without spend a fortune. “

46“Through consignment stores Pompis Store (with an acknowledgment of more than thirty years in Puerto Rico) and generate employment for thousands of families across the nation, especially single mothers, I offer you the opportunity to Puerto Rican woman to be exclusive distributor of my designs, because this way I promote enterprise development and support of my countrymen. looking also encourage other women to develop their own business and not sit back, because there is opportunity for all, “says Barbara.

However, by Barbara Bermudo CAMI products can be found through page throughout the United States and soon, in more than 13 countries where daily his image comes with great acceptance in the program “Primer ImpactoPosing for Univision.

Barbara also has underlined a product that is aimed at school children. Sensitive to the needs of children and young people and concerned about the high increase in conditions that affect the normal development of the spine in children at an early age, Barbara creates Schooli-Pad … “Educating our children is a priority, but not everything is in the books, we must also educate them on how to care for your body and the importance of correct posture when sitting.” That’s why I created the Schooli-Pad, explains Barbara. “An innovative product, which helps elementary age children than maintaining a correct and comfortable position while sitting long hours in the classroom and benefits 100% cervical development”.

“I am very motivated with the launch of Schcooli-Pad and above all, the power to be the original creator of it, is something that fills me with pride and accomplishment.” The product has been consulted by physicians. “Poor posture can have serious health consequences as a mother and my concern is that parents have available to them a product that benefits his children,” he explains.

Barbara Bermudo, who every day see in front of “Primer Impacto”, supports the power that Latina women to help raise their homes, and with this conviction undertakes this new stage of his life.

Barbara soon embark on a tour to promote her clothing line CAMI throughout the territory of Puerto Rico.

Source Latin Icons

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