CFBACC @ Drury Hotel Orlando- Business After Hours

Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, Business After hours event, are becoming more popular every month and it is also not only proving itself as a great business networking tool, but also as the numbers of new members grow after each event, they know they are doing something right.
“It took awhile to realize that we needed to reach out more and more to the community in general. We are not only growing in numbers, but we are getting more credibility and support from other Chambers, City of Orlando, Orange County Government, and this is a huge help.
We have just participated in the Orange County Chambers of Commerce Leadership Summit, and we had the opportunity to learn so much”, said President Amy Litter. We are growing stronger, with partnerships to make a better Community, helping Orlando to be an even Greater place to live and Visit.
The event at The Drury’s Hotel was excellent, where all the guests had the opportunity to take a Tour and get to know the facilities and all they have to offer, making it also a chance to let people know about see for themselves.
The food was provided by UNO restaurant, from International Drive, Managers Joyce and Bob were present, along with Melissa Pennington, Melissa Allen, Robert and Brittany from Drury’s Management.

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