The Birthday Emotion

Life is funny, you think you have control of it but God is the main commander. Many years ago, I lost the feeling for Birthdays, I stopped celebrating, my heart was closed for inventory and all this birthday emotions kind of fell into a hidden box. 

I made my piece with many things in life, guided by the light, life after fifty has shown itself as a journey of discoveries, and new lessons. I learned that friends always make you happy never sad, we are to share laughs, plans and good jokes, we should appreciate one another for the light they bring into your life, and never allow anyone to make you believe you are not worth it. I learned also that no matter what, there will always have good  and bad people, and it is up to me to let them affect me or not, but the lesson I liked the most is that God is always near and he will always take away, pain, doubt or anything that afflicts you. So, my Birthday was on the 19th, and it was a rainy, filled with memories day, and today was a great day, I had the honor to celebrate with people I love, I cherish and I can always count. I feel blessed for this day, I thank God to have allowed all this people in my life.


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