New York Life presents their new Brazilian Hispanic Team to serve our Community.

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New York Life is a Company that excel not only for the services rendered to the Community, but also for the growth and security that offers to all its clients. Today new York Life offered a beautiful Dinner at The Citrus Club Orlando to present their new Team created to perform in the Brazilian and Hispanic Community.

It is imperative for people to understand how important and crucial  financial planning can be, and how can turn your life around. Getting involved in the community, and making a difference teaching your clientelle and giving the best personal service is one of New York Life’s strongest points, that will always make a difference when you compare it to other companies that offer similar services. Just understanding the financial terminology is complicated, imagine trying to do that and deciding what better financial strategy to choose, in a language that is not yours. well, all these problems are over. At new York life you will have a Financial Adviser that speaks your language, and will explain every detail of your plan, so all the decisions you make are solid and will give you the return you envision.

Today in a very special Dinner the Hispanic and Brazilian Team members were presented, Carmen Luciano, Antonette Enriquez, Elisiane Ramos, Claudia Johnson, and Ezra Enriquez. After an extensive  process of training , they are now part of the team designed by Hector Perez, Senior Market Manager at New York Life, to execute a great campaign designed to target Spanish and Brazilian Market.  Each and everyone of them were asked why they choose New York Life, and all of them answered among other reasons, because the Company can help people. And that settles, before you give a company your hard earned  money to be managed, you must make sure that company is there for you, and that is what New York life does.

New York life is still recruiting for their team, if you see yourself planning a career, a future, in a solid Company, you can email and schedule an interview. Now let’s check the pictures.

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