Orlando Crossings Grand Opening


Perfumeland does it again! Leader in the Brazilian Market in the US, it has just today crossed the finish line with the grand opening of Orlando Crossings, and now next into the new challenge, the new Mall starting in 2014.

With another booming tourist season, Perfumeland Chief  of Operations Alejandro Pezzini declared in his grand Opening speech that during this Season of 2013, they  have  hosted no more than 46.000 tourists in their stores. It is an amazing number and if they continue outdoing themselves it will just keep growing.  Perfumeland has all these years,   sold  high quality merchandise, showing a great variety, all high end products,  from perfumes to  cosmetics,  electronics, and the best line of sports items.

The event today was organized by Amy Randall the Marketing PR  Coordinator for the AMP Group that consists of Perfumeland megastore, Perfumeland.com, I-Drive In Door Kart Racing, Salon&Spa By Perfumeland, Perfume Provider, Orlando Crossings mall, Pearl Vision, Perfume and Skin, AthleticPlanetUSA.com, AM Electronics. The event also received many political figures from our Community, such as Orange County Mayor Teresa jacobs, Assistant to Orange County mayor Zoraida Velasco, Orange County Propperty Apraisal Rick Singh, Luis Martinez-Director of Multi Cultural Affairs for Mayor Buddy Dyer, City Commissioner  Samuel B. Ings and his wife, CFBACC President Amy Litter and her husband Jim Clark, and the very special Perfumeland Crew, that has worked hard all these years to take the AMP Group to the heights it has. Toninho with his personality and charm has pulled this incredible energy making everyone feel home, clients and employees, all the great girls and Anderson with his creative  Market Deptment . The Perfumeland  family of employees love what they do, and the result for happy employees is the success.

To entertain the guests, Phoebe Vecchioni and her Samba Group, gave the best Show, along with Andinho, Edu Ares and their percussion team, Capoeira Pelourinho-Master Lazaro and to open the Event  Musician Multy Lago. Everyone was happy, Pablo Rosenberg, Alejandro, guests and also all the beautiful stores at the mall, including the new upcoming Emporio Brazil, from the Pao Gostoso family. great Event, great night! Now let’s check the pictures.

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