New Selected Spring & Summer Series of Joy & Mario Arrives Brilliantly


As a world’s leading fashionable footwear and accessories manufacturer, Joy & Mario will formally enter the American market with its new selected spring & summer series to provide fashionable people of individuality with better products and services. It boasts an exquisite oriental face and American freedom and romanticism. Quality and design sense are always its symbols. Closely following the pace of trends, it gathers the world’s most cutting-edge fashion elements. This is the new-selected spring & summer series of Joy & Mario.

The brand of Joy & Mario was founded by Joy Chen, a designer from Hong Kong. He traveled in Europe for many years, which gave him exciting creative inspiration. At the same time, in combination with the unremitting design concept and production process in China for thousands of years, and ultimately integrating contemporary popular elements, he designed fashionable, simple, comfortable and elegant modern leisure cloth shoes, and named them Mario Shoes. So far, having inherited the oriental and occidental cloth shoes culture and their practicality, Mario Shoes leads the fashion trend of modern cloth shoes, creates a new fashion level, and has also met modern people’s needs for pursuing individual character and respect for natural happiness. Now, Mario Shoes have become a symbol of fashion and taste. Carrying the cloth shoes’ fashion trend, they are gradually moving towards every corner of the world.

Joy & Mario this time still brings its high-end product line, Joy Mario Original. All new products in this season are carefully created by an Italian designer. Amazing limited footwear and fashion items are presented for people of keen fashion sense. Every single product of Joy Mario Original is created through in-depth cooperation with the currently popular fashion designers, industry spiritual leader or stars with whom the designers constantly explore design inspiration, absorb unique temperament, and integrate them into products. All products are handmade.

All along, J&M Company has always purchased rare fabrics globally and carefully selected a variety of cross-border materials with designers. Through more than 130 manual processes, they have ultimately created one classic product after another. J&M goes through all that just because it believes in the motto of “masterpiece comes from unnecessary perseverance.”


SOURCE Joy & Mario


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