Central Florida Chambers Reunite at Vittorio’s Restaurant

In one unforgettable event where several Chambers were reunited at Vittorio’s Restaurant, The Brazilian American Chamber, the Haitian American Chamber, The Caribbean American Chamber, The Puerto Rico Chamber, The Moroccan American Chamber and the Jamaican American Association of Central Florida shared great moments of networking, new alliances and strengthening of a friendship that for sure will take all into a higher level of progress . Being part of a Chamber is a hard job, involves a series of commitments, and many duties that easily overcome anything you’ve ever committed to but the joy of thriving and reaching out for the best in you, for sure beats anything you’ve ever done. Work for the Community, is a great reward, and for that reason there is no comparison to this joy. Tonight we celebrated, the diversity in our community, the melting pot the community is and we took a step forward to reach out to others, and get more accomplished. We had over 85 people, that danced, talked, got to know each other, and had the opportunity the grow a little more.

After working hard for a long time, the tendency is to think you are alone, but you are not, because eventually you find others with the same passion you have. Thank you all for coming, Thank you for Vittorio’s great food, service and for all the Chambers present, in special the Moroccan Chamber for the greatest dancer and show, we all loved every moment of it! Now check the pictures!

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