Gillette International Soccer Series – Brazil x Honduras – Miami

A Look Into Greatness . In my many years of life I have learned to grow apart from my Brazilian side. Life in America can be contagious and always in the fast lane, but once you join the rat race, everything else disapears in the rear view mirror faster than you expect. If you manage after all this, to keep your heart, there is where you will find everything in a beautiful box.

I wanted to experience the game as anyone would, instead of using a media pass, where you get involved with many other aspects of work, I wanted to live the moment, as we all could. Well, as we arrived I saw all the people, when I say all I mean a lot, my heart jumped immediately and my ears started recognizing the sounds of music, familiar language and colors, lots of yellow. It was a Brazilian moment at its best, everyone happy doing what they do best, being themselves is many different ways, but most important of all done without problems.

Everyone in their best performance. Honduras fans and Brazil fans respected each other, and respectfully watched the game. The enthusiasm was great, every step of the event caused more emotions in a mix of memories and forgotten feelings, that will be forever in my heart. I needed this to remember how important it is to be whole, to be intact in your own terms and feels good to be proud, and at peace with all around you. Being Brazilian comes with, loud laugh, music and voice. Comes with adding samba and carnaval to our best moments and to always be convinced our soccer team is the best regardless.

Being Brazilian is that certainty that no matter what everything will be better soon, and even if it is not, we will manage, after all we are Brazilian and so is God. The game? Well not much to say, 5 x 0 Brazil, need to say more? Lots of celebrities, important people and the Brazilian Team of course the best in the world.

The magic of Neymar says it all. A record was broken when it was announced that we had over 72000 people, and that number was the biggest ever in a soccer gathering in Florida. Now imagine when Orlando has its own Soccer Stadium! To finalize greatness doesn’t come cheap it is hard to be famous but yesterday we were just like everyone else, one more Brazilian fan, happy to be one, after a long time.

Now, check the pictures they are worth a thousand words.

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