Loft55 Gallery and Boutique-Orlando

1235324_215302718643155_380806456_nLoft55 is an Urban gallery & boutique located in beautiful downtown Orlando, heavily involved with the local arts and Cultural Community, owned by Samuel (Skin) Rivera and Ashlie Lawson.

AboutUS/Hotspotorlando have been a guest for several artists they have shown, including Jesslyn Park, a huge success, and they have come a long way since then.

The space is small but has great potential since it is dedicated to new upcoming artists, with great potential. It is a great spot, in the heart of Downtown Orlando, that offers exposition to the fresh contemporary artist

According to one of the owners Ashlie Lawson, their vision is to unite the community, artists, and small businesses to help bridge the city’s culture to the people.

Ashlie says:
“We specialize in revealing both International and Local artwork.
We have a variety of resident artists, each of which have a unique talent ranging from visual art to performing art.
We offer original art pieces for sale, commission work, murals (both residential and commercial), live painting, and access to local performing artists for events.

We showcase art in a variety of styles! No request is impossible..

Loft 55 Gallery is located at
55 West Church Street, suite 114
Orlando, Florida 32801
Phone (321) 298-3806


About Wilson Aguirre. Born in 1977 in Manizales, Colombia. In 1999 he began his internship with ECOPETROL were focused on a clean environmental technology designed an Electronic Security device and corresponding thesis implementing his knowledge of Industrial Design gained during five years of intensive study. In 2000 he completed the practice with CIPA documenting information for ISO 9001 certification in quality control. In 2001 he relocated to Spain where he worked for three years in the area of Interior Design.

After graduation from La Universidad Autonoma de Manizales with a degree in Industrial Design, he began his Noides Collection and a new focus on modern art with Noide number # 1 entitled “ Freedom”.In 2004 he moved to the United States where he continued to work on the Noides Collection and other design projects. In 2008 he was nominated New Design Professional by Wendover Art Group and was sent to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in the HD EXPO Design. In the summer of 2008 he participated in the exposition on the  International Furniture Fair 2008 in Valencia, Spain.

He now lives in The United States and is working to complete the Noides Collection and other various pieces and continues to participate in design competitions.Wilson’s innate creativity and ingenuity is apparent in his work, the lines of his design and his unique conceptualization of everyday objects.

Kelly Joy Ladd

Many people think she views the world through rose-colored glasses.
They are wrong. She actually sees it through a kaleidoscope.

“Pops of color and playful patterns excite me.

She is inspired by rhythmic repetition and texture that you just have to touch.

Her art is an expression of who she really is — sometimes soft, sometimes bold, sometimes funky and often carefree. Creating art is a joy for her, and it is her pleasure to share that joy with everyone.

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