HCCMO Installation Luncheon 2014

In a world where everyone is trying to get along, get over Venezuela, fight for Immigration reform and commit to something important to change the world, I found myself at the Hispanic Chamber Installation Luncheon. It may seem an odd way to approach the subject but I think I can get my way though to explain it. It is now my third year attending to this event, and also my third year at the Brazilian American Chamber Board of Directors.

The term service to the community, seemed clear, but at that point in 2012, I was very green. In my world of 2012, CFBACC needed huge help, and it came from HCCMO President then, Ramon Ojeda. On the installation Lunch of 2012 Ramon announced his retirement from the Hispanic Chamber and  the year went by with victories, growth, set backs and a New Board for 2013 in both Chambers.

Serving the community now in 2013, one more time as a Board Member, seems a lot easier, with a better but still needing care Brazilian Chamber. This time around with heavy support, making our job a lot easier, it is time  to attend the Installation Luncheon 2013 for the Hispanic Chamber, and this time the new President Diana Bolivar is taking over. With an emotional celebration, bitter sweet taste of old and new, I contemplate,  both realities, hoping from the heart Diana will have lots of success, and the Brazilian Chamber will continue its journey towards balance and success.

There is nothing like difference of opinions to reveal real frienemies, during tireless meetings, researches,  and planning, 2013 seemed forever, and I am not even talking about personal sacrifices, and life matters being left behind, it was just a lot to take in and to grasp, but nothing speaks louder than hostility, and we get that a lot when we try to do the right thing. The year of 2013 ended, with less “friends” a lot accomplished and the bumps on the way, now seem distant, fainting, like a happy ending, because only the good stuff stays when you are happy, and power, comes from happiness, nothing can stop you. The Hispanic Chamber has helped us at the Brazilian Chamber in many ways of support and now it starts to feel like home.

It is now 2014, new Boards, new objectives, a new Installation Luncheon in the horizon, coming fast. When the day comes HCCMO gets  a new Chair, and Diana Bolivar continues to do a great job, reaching out for more, and we all know she can do it. As for the Brazilian Chamber, we have a lot more challenges ahead, but they are just part of the job, because we have good friends, and having good friends is all you need, and we know we are on the right path. Today at the Installation Luncheon, we felt great, for all the friends we met in the past three years that reached goals, and  helped the Hispanic Chamber grow even more, they made me feel proud, happy for them, and emotional.

When Mr. Jose Cerda made his speech, I felt the nostalgia, and my heart felt heavy, but we all move on, and he is still a part of the Board, they are lucky to have him, and we are glad he is also our friend. So this is to tell you, it is great to be a part of this constant community  of service, with the best Orlando has to offer. We have a whole year ahead,  with more accomplishments and hard work, but for now we are just going to wait and think about all this great event. Let’s check the pictures.








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  1. It is amazing to see so much energy wasted, you should use it towards something important! My advice learing more, give yourself the opportunity to be more open minded and less ignorant.

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