Gilson’s Brazilian Restaurant-We Recommend!

When a new restaurant opens it always wise to wait till the dust settles, and then you visit again. We were at the grand opening to Gilson’s brazilian Restaurant, and we recently decided to revisit and take a deeper look.The main idea of Gilson’s was the dream and the fact that being Vittorio’s Restaurant a huge success, but with a more touristic flavor for large groups, and travelers from South America, Gilson Rodrigues the founder and project creator, decided to open a restaurant with a greater appeal to locals and a different tourism crowd. The place was designed from ground up by the owner and it is a great place to eat and to bring family and friends.

It has a main dining area, a large variety of wines, full bar, a large buffet, freshly prepared every day, and also a large patio with seating area and lounge furniture, really relaxing! I spoke with some of the chefs and he said the inspiration comes different everyday when he garnishes the buffet with amazing fruits, salads, and a variety of Brazilian Food. If you tried Vittorio’s before, you must try Gilson’s  understand the new concept, and allow yourself to try everything! Gilson’s opens every day at 11 AM, seven days a week. They have Feijoada on Saturdays.

Gilson’s is located at: 8191 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821
Phone #(407) 787-3494Website

Reservations can be made by phone or directly  from the website

Check the pictures!

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