Spring Break Weekend Brings Holiday Sized Crowds at Orlando International Airport

mco_logoORLANDO, FL. – If you are traveling through Orlando International Airport this weekend, March 15-16, be prepared to encounter a wave of spring break travelers. In fact, the bump in spring break travelers is prompting the airlines to increase the number of flights into Orlando by 21 percent. The largest increase is coming from the Southwest / AirTran merged operation which is adding a total of 63 flights.

“This huge increase in spring break traffic can be attributed to a number of factors, first the economy continues to improve; second, Orlando is a very attractive and economical market for spring breakers looking to make lasting memories; and third, Orlando International’s centralized location makes us a perfect location for spring breakers heading to beaches on the east or west coasts and points in between,” says Phil Brown, Executive Director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Travel Tips at Orlando International this busy Spring Break Weekend:

  • Plan ahead / Arrive early
  • Print boarding passes prior to arriving at Orlando International
  • Check to see if you have been selected for the Pre-Check program operated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) The program will expedite your process
  • Employ patience

It is estimated that the 21 percent increase in flights will result in airport passenger traffic that rivals traffic normally seen during the holiday travel season with at least 10,000 additional travelers at Orlando International Airport.

Souurce : Orlando International Airport

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