BoiBrazil Steakhouse-We Recommend!

BoiBrazil is located right in the heart of International Drive, in Orlando, The Steakhouse has a full Rodizio style service, that allows you to try all different meats, cooked with original Brazilian recipes and spices, resulting in an incredible meal.

You will find a big difference in taste and how the meat is so tender, melting in your mouth. The Rodizio includes a salad bar, home made gourmet cold dishes, and also the traditional white rice, brown and black beans, and daily special side dishes made by the chef, that carefully prepares everything fresh every day.The salad bar offers, plain iceberg lettuce and also mixed greens, besides all garnishes like, tomatoes, a variety of dressings, oil&vinegar, carrots, mushrooms, pimentos, brocoli and more. In the gourmet side, stuffed eggplant, crab meat, potato salad Brazilian style, chicken salad, chick-peas salad with onions, Brazilian farofa, home style croûtons, Brazilian style vinaigrette sauce cheese chunks and also the best cheese bread in town, hot in a basket at your table. It is a feast for the eyes and palate. Live Music Bossa Nova on Weekends.
Price is moderate, well worth what you pay. BoiBrazil is located at! 5668 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819- Phone #(407) 354-0260