iPhone Jailbreak Convention Brings Famous Hackers to San Francisco April 12-13th

Legendary hackers including @pod2g, @saurik (Cydia founder), and others will be converging soon at JailbreakCon, a convention for users and developers focused on the art and science of iOS jailbreaking, which is being held in San Francisco Saturday April 12th through Sunday April 13th 2014.

he internationally acclaimed group of jailbreak hackers will be discussing whether they can continue to develop iOS jailbreaks including for iOS 7.1 and iOS 8 when Apple has made jailbreaking harder and harder over the years.

“Jailbreaking fans will have an opportunity to meet fellow fans and legendary jailbreak hackers and tweak developers to discuss their iOS devices, jailbreak exploits, extensions, tweaks, and themes that can only be obtained by jailbreaking and getting Cydia,” says Britta Gustafson, the Community Manager at Cydia.

“Apple employees have secretly attended past JailbreakCon events to consider innovative ideas for potential improvements to iOS itself, which are often inspired by the work of developers who focus on extending and modifying the iOS experience, something that developers can only experiment with when writing software for jailbroken devices,” says Craig Fox, the founder of JailbreakCon.

Some of Apple’s greatest and most loyal fans, customers, and developers are, in fact, the global jailbreak community of Apple device enthusiasts. Given the taboo nature of the name, there has always been concern about whether jailbreaking is legal. It is generally believed that it is legal to jailbreak one’s own device, and the process has garnered tens of millions of iOS users worldwide since the first iPhone came out.

The controversial iOS 7 Evasi0n jailbreak released this past Christmas resulted in millions of users all over the world jailbreaking iOS devices including Apple’s latest iPhone 5s with significant adoption in the Chinese market. The jailbreak was particularly successful this year over previous years because it was available much longer than usual and was only recently patched by Apple with the recent release of iOS 7.1. While it is true jailbreakers have succeeded in developing a jailbreak for 7.1, it only works for iPhone 4 devices at this time. The jury is now out on whether hackers will still be able to jailbreak current and future Apple devices.

Millions of Apple users love jailbreaking because it allows for additional functionality, customization, and innovation not otherwise available on an Apple device without jailbreaking.  As an example, early versions of the iPhone could not record video, but it was possible only on jailbroken devices to install software from Cydia that allowed video recording before Apple officially added it as a feature. There are thousands of software modifications known as tweaks that can be installed only on jailbroken devices using Cydia, an alternative iOS app store created by saurik. These software enhancements do everything from increasing the number of icons that can be put on the dock above and beyond what is allowed by Apple, to adding pictures next to names in the iPhone contacts list.

JailbreakCon will be on Saturday and Sunday, April 12-13, 2014, at the South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco, CA. Tickets are $30 for adults and $10 for people under 18, and they include lunch for both days.

Saurik and others have sponsored the event including paying for all the food each day in order to make prices affordable for everyone including teens. After an initial block of tickets is sold out, the price of the tickets will be increased to cover costs beyond the generous sponsorship. It is recommend developers and users purchase tickets early to get the lowest cost.

Tickets to the event can be purchased Via Cydia here: http://www.jailbreakcon.com/