Gilson Rodrigues Gives Inspirational Speech to Brazilian Entrepreneurs from Ceara-Brazil.

_DSC8032Today Gilson Rodrigues, owner at  Vittorio’s Restaurant and Gilson’s Restaurant his newest venue, as we have recommended here before, hosted a large group of Brazilian Entrepreneurs from Ceara’-Brazil. They have  travelled from Brazil to the USA to learn more about businesses and visited other companies to learn more, and today they had the opportunity to listen to Gilson’s Story and valuable lessons.

They were a great group of people, avid to hear and learn about Gilson’s life story, and information about  the Restaurant Business and his lifetime  journey as a Business Man.

In his story Gilson tells about his arrival to the USA at age 20, his will to work hard and catch his dream. Anyone can dream but not everyone finds a way to catch their dream, and this is a fundamental difference. You must be willing to work hard, and conquer all challenges, become legal, and be tireless. He believes the first part is to become legalized in order to get where you need to be and to achieve success. The immigration process is hard and expensive, requires a lot, then after this first step be able to open your business, establish your brand and work harder. Gilson believes that his success comes from his large experience, his ability to listen to his clients, and never refuse a customer. His doors are always open, to friends, dedicated employees and clients. His secret is dedication and vision.

He also spoke about the process of building Gilson’s, his ultimate dream, and how important it was to use his own experience and self-confidence. Many questions were asked, all about the structure,  financial and  employees profiling used to hire the right person, salary range etc. You could see they were interested to learn and maybe invest in Orlando in the near future. Gilson was applauded many times, his story is inspiring, encouraging, and invites people to dream like he did. It was a great opportunity and we all learn from it.

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