LIDE is an organization of private character, which brings together entrepreneurs in twelve countries and four continents.

The LIDE Organization fights to strengthen the free  economic enterprise and social development, as well as the defense of the ethical principles of corporate governance in the public and private sector.

Founded in Brazil in 2003, LIDE is composed of business leaders from national and international corporations, which promotes integration between companies, organizations and private entities through programs of debates, forums and initiatives to support sustainability, education and social responsibility. The LIDE Organization brings together leaders who believe in strengthening free enterprise in Brazil and worldwide. In the United States LIDE has a very powerful and young Executive Team in command. As President – Cristiano Piquet, CEO at Piquet Realty, VP Bella Piquet, Alex Piquet -Director at LIDE Community, and Romero Britto as LIDE Cultural Director.

The Dinasty Piquet has made its mark in the US with a strong record of solid and important contribution to the Community, not only for the success they achieve in the Real Estate Business, but also  for their unity as a family, that work together, setting for a great example.

LIDE is a successful entity in Brazil and it is part of The Doria Group, it is not a Chamber of Commerce it is, as the name says  a Leadership Organization, tailored to CEOs and Presidents, to share their experience and expertise to better  the practice of business and commerce, and also create awareness to several causes. The event at Britto Gallery was a great opportunity to mingle,  learn more about the organization and consider the great opportunity at hand. LIDE is growing and being a part of it by many business professionals will be just a matter of time. Its concept is new but very powerful, setting a difference. Now lets check the pictures!