And Everyone was wearing the CFBACC T-Shirt !!!!!

The First Annual CFBACC Feijoada Event at Gilson’s Restaurant was an amazing event!  I could even go the extra mile and say “if you build they will come” ! Because guess what they do! People like to be appreciated, recognized, and always thriving with accomplishments, surrounded by successful people, and happiness! And today we saw that! A collection of Successful people all in one place! How much more can we ask for!? 

There were Brazilians, Americans, Hispanics and a large diverse group, networking and sharing a great event. Gilson made everything perfect! His crew impeccable, polite, helping everyone, great food, and great service! Jo and Yara Cavaignac from Superstation-Globo International representatives in the US and Latin America, Perfumeland-Pablo Rosenberg and Vera Giatti, Alejandro Pezinni, his wife Mina,  they invited City Commissioner Samuel B. Ings, that join the event and it was great, The Florida Christian University – Tony Portigliarti his wife and Sons.

Pao Gostoso Bakery – Felipe Andre and Andre Jose came and brought a huge cake, delicious and beautiful, Bright House Networks, sponsored and organized giveaway bags with items from our Trustees, Disney, OUC The Reliable One, Rick Singh OCPAFL that were gifted to all guests, Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal did a raffle for a 5 nights stay, and everyone was having fun! Other companies present were, New York Life that also sponsored the event, Jornal BB-Media Sponsors along with Hotspotorlando, and Achei USA Newspaper, The Orlando City Soccer Club-Sponsor, Florida Connexion Realty and Guests, Alpha Plus -President Amy Litter and Jim Clark,  Fabio Silva-Brightway Insurance, Dana Olivo from Davna Enterprises, CFL Realty LLC, Jai Gallery-Specialty Art Services, Frames And Fortune Star-Alice McLaughlin, Kiryl-Sky Maintenance, Steve and Craig Minegar, AVATAR, LegalShield -Dahlia Hayles, Journalist Paulo Correa and his wife Suzana Muricy, Alexandre Law Firm, Jessica Nazario and Marcio Bossi-Your Tittle Connection, MP USA Connect-Marilda Peele, Lisandra Soares-Blue Sky Aircraft, Monica Chavero-MRI Consulting,and Callandrino Law Firm, Dwight Kleine-Fidelity, and Samuel Faria.

  The event lasted until 4 PM, and everyone was happy and content, after all who doesn’t like a great happening!? Let’s check the Pictures!