Superstation Dinner in Orlando Brings Great Surprises.

Superstation Media – Globo International USA, Latin America and Caribe sole representatives, Joaquim & Yara Cavaignac come to Orlando one more time to share the great News. As Yara says the good and the bad, but in a whole, the powerful Globo has a lot to celebrate.

From the Network point of view, the packages for advertisement have the same perks of last year, and the enforcement comes from a series of new shows and novelas that are coming to help pull the younger audience, and families to the front of the TV, and join the other millions of consumers they already have. And it is great! The more the merrier, since  GloboTV  now has conquered the title of Second Biggest Network in the World, and that is an undeniable advantage.

Superstation Media is for sure a great representation of Globo International,  has done it for a long time, and leaves no space for any doubt.

Globo International has a powerful line of shows, the appeal and the market that was opened by the millions of Brazilians that now live abroad is so strong that it became a huge source of spectators and therefore consumers. Companies need advertisement, and advertisement requires a demand that not everyone can attend. Globo penetrates millions of homes every day at any given time of the day, it is a perfect match. You do the math, I have the product, you have the public, let’s do business. 

Globo International represented by Superstation Media provides an open door to the Brazilian Market, in land or overseas, giving companies the exposure to reach the Brazilian Consumer  in Brazil, in the USA, Latin America or Caribe. 

Right now in the Brazilian headquarters, a new line of shows was created to suit all different targets. The series “A grande Familia” (Big Family) is in its last season, with a lot of sadness by all that followed the show for so many years, but in the other hand a lot of good is coming our way, and it all promises to fulfill the spectator needs, and keep the audience growing. 

Superstation Media once again delivered the news and we are looking optimistic towards another year of pure emotion, with the World Soccer Cup that this time will be in the hands of another Network-ESPN and Univision, but nothing is perfect, and we just have to accept it and make the best of it. For now, we are glade we are a part of this great event and hope for a great success in Miami on Monday, the event is filled with surprides and we are sure will be great. Now let’s check the pictures!