The BiBA Surprise! Orlando Loves BIBA!

We had a weekend to remember in Orlando ! Saturday with a great event at Gilson’s -The CFBACC First Annual Feijoada, on Sunday the Superstation Dinner at Nelore Steakhouse in Winter Park, and what could top that all with a cherry on top?! A surprise that Superstation imported from Brazil, The BIBA! A BIBA do Faustão ! A business meeting, where everyone is paying attention, serious, looking at all the great news and Yara says, let’s Bring the BiBA! At a first moment I am thinking, who could it be, because away from Brazil for so long, I don’t follow the shows and new trends in Brazil, but believe me it caused an impact! Biba is  a character created by comedian Amadeu Maya. Amadeu has passed by major TV Networks in the past, and it is well known, but now he found his home at Globo Tv-Brazil and every Sunday makes his presence at Domingao do Faustao, a very popular show among Brazilians. At the first moment everyone was kind of in chock from the unexpected arrival, of a  guy dressed all in pink! But  after a few seconds he just broke the ice, and from there was all laugh! All of us, the audience, we were just waiting for  more, but he had to go, the show was coming to an end. It was wonderful! BiBA Rocks and made us all remember how good it is to laugh at our own language. I asked Amadeu the creator and impersonator of BiBA, how did he find her, and he said she found Me! And it is a great persona! BiBA is happy, funny, and she is not afraid to be who she is! She was the light of the party and we hope she comes back soon, to make us all laugh till we drop! But let’s check the pictures!