Florida Hospital Church Children’s Choir-King of The Jungle

Kids are amazing beings, sincere, beautiful,  happy and when they bring  such an important message in a very special way, they touch your heart deeper, they make you think, and the heart listens.

The play brought dancing, singing, and a beautiful wardrobe, and the powerful presence of the Choir Director Francini Reis was incredible, the kids in a great performance made the play incomparable. The music, a lesson of Faith, of believing, and hope. Simple, beautiful and powerful. The organizers and the cast all deserved a standing ovation, like they did get  and all parents should be proud, from the littlest kid, to the bigger ones.

A lesson of great Faith delivered. and we hope they continue the great work. Kids need guidance, and directions and they are all getting a great start. Congratulations to all.

For the ones that never heard of it the Florida Hospital  Seventh-day Adventist Church is located at 2800 N. Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32804, you should visit. The play sponsors were Camila’s Restaurant, Vander Pol Nursery, AGC Advantage Golf arts, Congo River Golf. One more time congratulations to all are in order, to parents for the support, and for the entire Church to put together this great play. And to Lutecia, for invite me and remind me that Faith never leaves the heart if you are a believer.

Now let’s check the pictures!