Amazon’s Leader in Hyaluronic Acid Serum Debuts Ultra-Nourishing Night Cream Moisturizer

Cosmedica Night Creme Introducing Multi-Active Hydrating Night Cream Moisturizer from Cosmedica Skincare!  Already widely known for their wildly popular and extremely effective Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Cosmedica is now offering a potent, hydrating night cream specifically designed to hydrate and nourish the skin during sleep.  Cosmedica customers have been asking for a product like this one, and it is now available for purchase at

Cosmedica Skincare Multi-Active Hydrating Night Creme is uniquely formulated with the highest quality, active ingredients to detect, target, and correct signs of aging, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while brightening for an even, radiant skin-tone.  Combining soothing, organic aloe with pure, botanical hyaluronic acid, the creme floods the skin with moisture for ultimate hydration.  Alpha-hydroxy acids repair and rejuvenate the skin to reveal a toned, even complexion with a smooth contour and vibrant glow.

Safe for all skin types and particularly effective on sensitive skin, this Paraben-free moisturizer uses a special blend of organic ingredients improve the skin’s condition and appearance on multiple levels.   Aloe, Squalane, and Hyaluronic Acid (a potent moisturizer capable of carrying 1000 times its weight in water) lock moisture into all layers of the skin to strengthen it and give it a fresh, plump look.  Vitamin C, E, and CoEnzyme Q10 increase cell production of collagen and speed up cell regeneration for healthy, toned, younger-looking skin.  With the highest quality ingredients yielding noticeable results, Cosmedica Skincare Multi-Active Hydrating Night Creme is one of the finest facial moisturizers currently on the market.

For best results, pair with Cosmedica Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum. 100% pure, this potent hydrator that uses the power of hyaluronic acid to  infuse all skin types with supreme moisture and provide anti-aging benefits for a brilliant, young appearance.