Party at Boi Brazil with Nilson Dizeu!

For the Forro’ fans, it was great ! For those who appreciate the Brazilian June festivities, even better!

I am a believer that regardless how old you are, to reminisce and bring back good old habits is a great thing. You should not live in the past, but revive the greatest things about it, will always bring a warm feeling to the heart.

Brazilianity a nonexistent word, is the closest thing to “the art of being Brazilian”. Not everyone knows it, and it must be exercised with caution. Exaggeration may ruin the idea.

Brazil has a rich yearly calendar New Years Day celebration of music and dance everywhere,  February is Carnaval, June and July several parties to celebrate São João , the saint that arranges marriages.

These gatherings are celebrated in schools, communities, city halls, with typical food,  dances, games  and costumes, an amazing treat to all.

September is Independence Celebration, October is Children’s Day also a very religious celebration due to Saints Cosme e Damião, twin brothers still young, canonized by the Catholic Church and respected by many followers of the Catholicism, and Halloween-Dia das Bruxas.

November is Flag Day. Republic proclamation Day, and Thanksgiving, recently adopted due to the American influence, as well as Halloween. All this plus soccer, summer, and the habitual partying on weekends. We Brazilians are very special and happy by nature, nothing can compare to us.

When Master Nilson Dizeu  decided to do a Forro’ event we all knew it was going to be great! Everyone was dancing, and eating all specialty food! Hmmmmmmm! Great Night Everyone ! Now let’s check the pictures!