Reflections About The World Soccer Cup in Brazil.

Photo Exame abril Translation: Soccer is Coming Home

As we come close to the greatest sports event in the world, Brazilians still are taken by the doom of protesting. What happen Brazil? Should we make the best of it and change the Brazilian image around? Everyone in the world expects Brazilians to be happy and enthusiasts of their soccer. Will this image of discontent change the image of Brazil to the world? What is next?

Photo Exame Abril

In a few days the biggest Sports event in the world starts. For the majority Brazilians, soccer is like a religion, where they exercise their faith, love for the country and throw all the energy they can in the most crucial 90 minutes of game. It is very hard to overcome obstacles like the ones Brazilian have right now, as it is almost impossible to forget that they have lost the World Cup of 1950 at home, a moment that almost destroyed their faith in the team and in themselves for years, until the world Cup of 1970 when they regain the faith. It was and is a great obstacle. Added to the fear of history repeating itself, Brazil faces many structural problems, where the government has not  proven to come across with solutions, and calm the population. Brazil is right now a teenager making demands and overusing the right to rebel, forgetting the big picture.

There is no doubt about the grandiosity of the event, the protesting has been going on for months, showed no effect, the economy, the government fraud investigations, the new laws and the Presidential election are just a few factors that are causing this great cloud over the event. Every measure taken seems to have been delayed for too long, and it shows a last minute concern from all, and everyone is forgetting one thing. Soccer is a game from the people to the people, it  is all to the ones that work hard, everywhere to come to the games. In a exorcism of  their demons,  they yell, sweat and cry showing who is the real hero. The show should be for them.  Brazil needs to remember that, we never fought a war, or got involved in one, we are peaceful, happy and proud. The giant must wake from the doom of anger and protest and shout for our team, for the glory, and show the world that no matter what we are one nation, that stands together, knows our failures but also our qualities. It is a breaking moment people ! Brazil needs to get together and play the game, show the world that regardless, we will be there for our boys, and deliver the best show ever seen.

Then at the end, wining or not, the people will be ready to demand again, go to the urns, vote, change things but will not regret missing this important moment.