The AMP Group shows their Support to Mayor Teresa Jacobs

By Ademar Rodrigues/ Photos By Anderson Barreto AMP Group Marketing Director

The AMP Group, showed their support to Mayor Teresa Jacobs’s re-election, and mobilized the community to a fundraiser at one of their developments the Orlando Crossings Mall and attracted several members of the Brazilian Community, authorities and public figures.

Mayor Teresa has been a great supporter of the Brazilian Community, and also a key figure in bringing to Orlando the attention of new developers, and businesses, generating new jobs and helping the economy. The many sectors of Orange County administration have been considered the top in the Country and that is not an easy task to achieve. This year alone a delegation of Brazilian government representatives, visited Orlando in order to learn about Orange County Emergency Services, considered the first in the world, and take to the capital Brasilia, the top lessons they have learned.

Mayor Teresa is a leader, that knows what Orange County needs, she has many years of experience, and carries her job with grace, enthusiasm and optimism. The AMP Group knows, as they were considered one of the fastest growing companies in Orlando in 2013, what Orlando needs. The support to Mayor Teresa Jacobs re-election is just a consequence of her successful administration.

Present at the event were the organizers, Pablo Rosenberg, Alejandro Pezzini, Anderson Barreto, Tony Andrade, Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Orange County Authorities, City Commissioner Samuel B. Ings, his wife June Ings and many guests. We wish Mayor Teresa all the success and hope for her victory.