Harriet Is Home~

How amazing!

Walking with the Alligators

Harriet, our wayward, wandering  Gopher Tortoise
Picture credit:  Walkingfox

Yesterday was a very long and  busy day.

We made the long trek from the Ocala Forest up to Gainesville, for Breanna’s visit with her Doctor at the UF Vet Hospital.

It is one hundred miles, so we left early before 9 AM.

It was the last of three trips up there,  for her regular required immunizations, including Rabies.

We stretched these shot visits out to three this year for her safety, not wishing to have more than one injection per visit, which was an Airedale Club suggestion many years ago,  when we adopted our sweet Sabrina.

So, anyway, when we finally got home about 3 PM after a quick stop for groceries, I sat down,  put my feet up and looked out the front window,  as I have done every day for weeks now,  wondering where our  wayward, wandering female  Gopher Tortoise  was and why she wasn’t coming up…

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