The Fantasy Soccer Revolution is Here:

Fantasygolcom is a website that allows individuals to play fantasy soccer for free or for real money on a daily and weekly basis. We are the only site in the world exclusively dedicated to soccer in which real profits can be made. customers act as general managers, choosing different players from teams around the world in order to build their dream line-ups. Each chosen team then participates in contests against teams from other customers. Based on the real-life performance of their selected players, customers add up points that translate into real cash earnings. is incorporated in the United States and serves the North American market. We are a group of soccer fanatics who have turned our passion into a business, and we’re extremely excited for the opportunity to share what we’ve built with soccer fans worldwide. In addition to the World Cup, we offer real money fantasy soccer contests for the English Premier League, Liga BBVA, MLS, MX, and the Champions League. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and is on its way to becoming the most popular fantasy soccer platform of its kind.