24 Year Old Entrepreneur Goes for Broke to Revive Grandfather’s Apparel Company with Top Listed Kickstarter

Cohen and Sons Apparel - fashionIt’s about time someone stepped up against designer brands that ask way too much for simple and stylish apparel that always shrinks or falls apart. On June 11(th,  )24 year old Zach Cohen launched Cohen & Sons Apparel on Kickstarter with his sights set on offering alternative garments crafted with more durable techniques and softer materials; all paired with a “Love it or Send it Back” guarantee for a price you’ll be pumped about.

Eager to quit his day job and pursue his aspirations, Zach was looking for a nudge to gamble it all and make the leap towards reviving his grandfather’s apparel company that he started after returning from WWII.

With the virtues of the past ingrained in his mind, he created a brand that produces apparel designed to withstand the abuse of men who ditch their phones and get out into the world to do whatever gets their adrenaline pumping or makes their hands a little rough. Because after all, life’s too short to be staring at a screen thinking about what everyone else is doin’.

Zach Cohen, Founder of Cohen & Sons Apparel Said: “Every time I went to pick up a new shirt, all I wanted was to find one durable enough to wear out on my bike and stylish enough to meet my friends in; without feeling like a bum.’ I also didn’t want to spend a ton on a shirt, then worry about it, and avoid diving into something fun that could tear it up.”

Since the Kickstarter launch on June 11(th ) he has raised just shy of $6,000 toward his all or nothing goal of $10,000 dollars. Zach ensures that none of his gear will shrink, fade, or fall apart, even after rigorous use. Each garment comes with a  “Love It or Send it Back,” guarantee with shipping covered both ways. With your support he’ll be able to flip on the lights and roll out with eight different style shirts along with three unique jackets to throw on your back when mother nature throws a chill at ya’.

To quickly learn more or get involved, make sure to visit the Cohen & Sons Apparel Kickstarter Page.

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