Photos By Marcio Cicarini

It was only yesterday when the Orlando City Lions  aimed for the MLS, and everyone believed and followed the dream. They have worked hard! A team that conquered everyone’s heart, and brought more and more people to the games.  The MLS Dream came true, the new stadium is arriving, and Kaka’  one of the great Brazilian Soccer players just became a reality. 

Bringing Kaka’  was a promised Flavio Augusto da Silva made, to the team and to the many Brazilian fans in Orlando, the contract was announced yesterday, and as soon it became a reality, he was on a plane to Orlando and arrived Monday in the afternoon. He was accompanied by Phil Rawlings and Flavio Augusto da Silva,  and received buy hundreds that were anxious to see him and believe that he was a reality, he is here now, and will be wearing the Orlando City Lions shirt in 2015.

Bring Kaka’ to Orlando will change the scenario in many ways,  lots of Brazilian fans will be attracted  to Orlando and to  the United States, that will be able to see their idol play, and visit the Parks, watch the games. We can just consider that a whole new array of opportunities has opened to Orlando. Downtown Orlando will be finally a destination to  many, that will be able to enjoy and get to see how complete Orlando is , with museums, sports and magic to offer.The Orlando City Lions is just beginning! Kaka’ arrived around 6:30 by TAM and was greeted by Media and fans right at the Airport, answering a few questions and giving autographs, showing the same beautiful smile, tranquility and most of all that he is happy to be here. We wish him all the success and a great season with the Orlando Lions.

The pictures in this article were taken by Marcio Cicarini, now check the pictures!