ABAV Expo: 42nd Brazilian Travel Agencies Congress presents 10 of its speakers

Brazil’s main forum for discussions on tourism issues will bring renowned professionals to share the latest trends in the sector during the ABAV – International Tourism Expo.

The definition of a grid strategically planned to meet the demands of professionals of the travel and tourism sector, foster market innovation and contribute to the development of the activity as a whole are the drivers that motivate the organization of the 42nd Brazilian Congress of Travel Agencies.

imagem_release_237370On September 24 to 26, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., during the 42nd ABAV – International Tourism Expo, the congress, which is entirely dedicated to the trade, will enable the exchange of experiences and the expansion of knowledge, and stimulate the debate on topics relating to the day-to-day of travel agents.

After the congress, until 6 p.m., the rooms of the Knowledge Village will host conferences, workshops and training sessions organized by companies, destinations and exhibitors.

“The approach to useful topics capable of strengthening travel agencies, which are a major distribution and sales channel in Brazil, aims at contributing with the performance of business, in line with the main market trends and innovations,” said Antonio Azevedo, president of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV Nacional).

As a perfect environment for sharing trends, exploring business opportunities, and stimulating the networking among recognized professionals of the travel industry, the Knowledge Village was revamped and its functionalities were improved for this edition of the event. “The new structure of the Knowledge Village is focused on integration and comfort.  It is located on a prominent area, at the entrance of the pavilion, and it was planned to provide maximum productivity levels to participants, including details such as acoustics, air conditioning and proper lighting,” according to José Maurício de Miranda Gomes, ABAV’s Marketing and Events vice-president.

The event’s official portal www.abavexpo.com.br shows pictures and provides additional data on the résumés of speakers, besides including information about the pre-scheduling of conferences. Important: the registration of travel agents are now open, being gratuitas  until July 31, 2014.

Current issues, experienced speakers

“We provide travel agents with useful information regarding the performance of their business, making an approach to topics that are in line with major market trends,” said Ana Carolina Medeiros, ABAV Nacional’s Training and Certification vice-president, confirming that “the definition of the grid of topics and speakers reflects the purpose of ABAV Nacional to fulfill the needs not only of travel agents, but also of the related trade.”

Below is a sample of ten topics to be discussed during the 42nd ABAV Congress by professionals who will share their experiences and knowledge during this major forum of debates of the Brazilian travel industry.

Fabio Luis da Silva Lopes, Services Quality consultant, is bachelor in Communications, having graduated in Market Intelligence from ESPM, with specialization in Leadership and Human Asset Management from the University of La Verne – California (USA). He will conduct the conference on “How to handle clients more informed than you – Loyalty Strategies,” discussing with participants ways to identify opportunities that may lead to client loyalty by linking the clients to the services provided by travel agents.

“Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in your reality” is the topic to be discussed by Mariana Aldrigui, researcher of Urban Tourism issues, professor at the Leisure and Tourism course of the University of São Paulo (USP), general coordinator of the Education for Tourism – GTTP Brasil program, and member of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism. She will show how to use social medias in campaigns and promotional actions, as well as how to aggregate advantages in tours considering the reality of travel agents.

Based on recent projects, Daniel Biancareli, bachelor in Data Processing Technology and graduate in Planning and Tourism Marketing, will discuss with  professionals of the sector the adoption of effective management techniques that help to improve the company’s results. He will present the conference “Success through Financial Management.” 

With humor and intelligence, Daniela Maria Rocco Carneiromaster in Sustainable Development and Tourism and Environment, expert in innovation, and a LETS researcher at the University of Brasília (UnB), will analyze the challenges, opportunities and most competitive strategies for travel agents in the scope of the world “after the Internet.” The speaker was also a professor at the Vasco Competitiveness Institute, University of Deusto/Orkestra, and at the Center for Cooperative Research in Tourism(CICtourGUNE), both in Spain.

The topic Online Reputation Management” will be discussed by Tatiana Takiya, a Marketing graduate and Social Media coordinator at Business4Travel. With more than 15 years of practice in the hotel segment, this expert in digital channels will provide practical guidance on how to improve the image of travel agencies in the social medias through the management of information posted by their own teams and clients, with the purpose of increasing sales.

Toni Sando de Oliveira is a professor in Events Management undergraduate programs and Services Marketing and Events graduate programs. He is also CEO at the “25 de Janeiro” Foundation of the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau, and member of various Councils in the sector. In his conference “Inspire yourself in the strategies to retain clients and expand you source of income,” he will present the programs on how to encourage the permanence and increase the expenditures of visitors in large cities, with examples of replication of the strategy within the reality of a travel agency.

The conference “Companies with social responsibility sell more?” includes real-life cases that show the increase in sales of companies that have invested in Social Responsibility actions. The speaker Alberto G. Martins is a bachelor in Social Communication from the Anhembi Morumbi University and graduate in Market Management in Tourism and Hospitality from ECA/USP. The speaker is the head of GTTP Brasil – Global Travel and Tourism Partnership and founder of Business4Travel communication agency. He has more than 15 years of practice in the tourism and corporate travel market.

Silvia Oliveira is a bachelor in Social Communication from the Anhembi Morumbi University and graduate in Market Management in Tourism and Hospitality from ECA/USP. She is the president of ABBV – Brazilian Association of Travel Blogs.  In her conference “Can opinion makers and travel blogs help agents to sell?”, this expert in tourism news, author of five travel guides, and reporter, editor and anchorwoman at Globo and SBT TV channels for almost 10 years, will discuss how the contents of blogs and the debate on consumer preferences may help to prepare adequate tours for clients.

The management of knowledge transformed into strategies intended at improving the performance of business can summarize the thesis defended by Juliana Bonomi Santos, awarded in 2013 by the Emerald/EFDM Outstanding Doctoral Research. As a master in Executive Education courses at FGV and Business Management at the FEI University Center; and a specialist in Management Science from the Lancaster University Management School, this speaker will discuss the topic “Expert Services and Tourism,” with focus on the improvement of processes and the use quantitative to manage operations in benefit of the sector.

The topic that completes the ten first conferences that were announced as part of the grid of the 42nd ABAV Congress is “Travel (corporate and leisure) x travellers: wish and enchantment,” presented by Trícia Neves, an expert in Human Resources Management from FAAP São Paulo; graduate in Tourism and Hospitality, and certificated by the Yield & Revenue Management (Vancouver Premier College); in Strategic Negotiations from FIA/USP; in Coaching (Lambent do Brasil) and in Executive Education – Business Project Management from Elo Group.  Consumer expectations will be on focus: what really matters regarding the fulfillment of client needs and wishes.