Iron Man Comes to Visit !

Today was a special day for many kids,  a day for fun and play, in the way we play in endless summer afternoons. Water games, fun food and the parents and friends gathering around to celebrate along. Today we celebrated friendship, strong ties and above all the love that holds us together as friends becoming family and taking part of our lives forever, in unforgettable afternoons like the one we had today.

Nando’s  fourth Birthday was a great celebration, with all his friends, family and most of all because of the great surprise he waited and asked. At one point of the party he asked me , where is my surprise? I said, it is coming! and he replied, is Mr. Tickles coming ? And we just laughed at each other. Kids are this incredible bundle of joy and genuine opinions mixed with imagination. It is always a delightful surprise.  Nando didn’t know but we were waiting for Iron Man ! It was the longest wait. The kids were anxious, excited, and the thrill of his arrival was just unbelievable. They didn’t know what to do with him and it was great.  Every kid just enjoyed his presence in their own way, it was perfect.  The most important of all it was for sure a very special and unforgettable day for Nando, that will cherish this day forever, a great Summer afternoon.

Thanks for all the posed and participated in the fun of registering this great day. Let’s check the pictures!