New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center Researchers Prove “Mommy Pooch” Can Be Eliminated With The Dia Method®

The Dia MethodResearchers at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center recently published a study in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology that confirms The Dia Method(®) ‘s efficacy in curing diastasis recti postpartum, a condition often referred to as “mommy pooch.” The study, entitled “Postnatal exercise can reverse diastasis recti,” was published in the prestigious Green Journal and is the first published research that definitively supports what countless Dia Method clients have experienced: the right kind of exercise can and does reverse abdominal separation.

A whole body program, The Dia Method is the only fitness regime on the market proven to address diastasis recti, a condition developed during pregnancy when the abdominal wall separates. Post-pregnancy, this manifests as an undesirable “pooch” that cannot be eliminated by weight loss, crunches or other traditional core and postnatal exercises, which actually worsen this condition.

In the study Cornell conducted on The Dia Method, subjects achieved full resolution of diastasis recti in less than 12 weeks. In addition to the core strength benefits Dia exercises confer, data point to other important health benefits, including reduction of urinary incontinence and reduced incidence of back pain.

As a result of this study, the doctors at Weill Cornell are now working with The Dia Method founder, Leah Keller, an expert in pre- and postnatal fitness, to design a pilot program for their high risk patients. In addition, over 200 obstetricians and midwives from all over the United States are currently distributing information on The Dia Method to their patients.

In her New York City practice, Keller has produced staggering results among clients, including moms of twins, who have achieved dramatic transformations in their bodies. Keller’s clients have lost as many as 5-6 inches from their waistlines and dropped up to 50 lbs. Even clients who gave birth to multiple children decades ago found it’s never too late to restore pre-mommy abs.

Comprised of a prenatal workout plan called Bellyguard(TM) and a postnatal regime called 10 Minutes Flat(TM), The Dia Method is a completely new approach to fitness that provides real hope for moms everywhere that flabby ‘mommy abs’ are not an unavoidable cost of motherhood and that the best bodies of their lives are just around the corner.

SOURCE  The Dia Method